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The SGSPO is an informal non-profit association of scientists who are interested in systematics and phylogenetics of fossil and extant Odonata, with special reference to Phylogenetic Systematics or Cladistics.


Membership in the SGSPO is without charge and open to any person in any country. Sustaining membership is possible and welcome, the annual due is 15,- DM. Payment with eurocheque, postal-money-order or cash. For membership-application please contact The Editor of PETALURA.


The SGSPO is publishing the irregular electronic periodical "PETALURA Online-Journal of the SGSPO". The journal is free available on the Internet website of SGSPO. PC-formatted 3,5"-diskettes with all issues of PETALURA and an offline-version of the complete SGSPO-website and "Phylogeny of Odonata"-website as HTML-files are available for a prepayment of 15,- DM from the Editor of PETALURA (including surface mail). Please note: there are no free reprints, and hard-copies of PETALURA are no longer available!

Chairman and Editor of PETALURA:

Presently SGSPO does not have or need a formal constitution. The establishment of a formal constitution and the election of a new chairman and/or editor can be decided at any time by a qualified majority of the membership. Until then Mr. Günter Bechly (Böblingen, Germany) is acting as executive chairman of the SGSPO and as executive editor of the journal PETALURA. SGSPO and PETALURA, as well as all current contents of the SGSPO-websites are protected by copyright of Günter Bechly (Böblingen, Germany, 1997).


1.) Close communication and co-operation between all specialists in the field of systematic and phylogenetic odonatology. The major purpose of the SGSPO is the promotion of the development and acceptance of a modern phylogenetic system of fossil and extant Odonata, above the generic level.

2.) Publication of the irregular journal PETALURA.

3.) Establishment of an "Odonatological Homepage" on the Internet, which shall include the following components (or links to such):

4.) Close co-operation with W.D.A. and other odonatoloical societies and institutions (e.g. DSA, GdO, BDS, SFO, IORI, and IDF).

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E-Mail to the Editor: bechly@mac.com