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General information about SGSPO

Membership Directory of SGSPO

PETALURA vol. 1 (1993)

PETALURA vol. 2 (1996)

Phylogenetic System of fossil and recent Odonatoptera

     (updated extract of PETALURA spec. vol. 2, 1996)

Odonatological Bibliography (about 1.300 references, mainly from 1990-96) (3 files a 100 KB)

Synoptic Time Table of Earth History, with special reference to fossil odonates (148 KB)

A Glossary of Phylogenetic Systematics (English hypertext glossary of the terminology of Phylogenetic Systematics) (106 KB)

Photos of fossil and recent odonates

Membership Application:

If you would like to become a member of SGSPO, please send your application by email to SGSPO with the following data:

Membership in SGSPO is free and is only documenting your interest in systematic odonatology and your desire to communicate with fellow odonatologists about this topic! With your membership you agree that the submitted data may be published in the Membership Directory of the SGSPO website.

Submission of manuscripts for PETALURA:

Petalura is the electronic online journal of the SGSPO. Papers in Petalura are regular publications. Although they are generally refereed, they can be published much faster than in printed journals. Furthermore you have the possibility to include color illustrations without extra cost, and even small animations, video-clips or sound-records would be possible. New taxonomic names on the species-, genus- or family-group level should not be published in Petalura. If you would like to publish a paper in Petalura please submit your manuscript by email to SGSPO or send a PC-formatted 3,5"-diskette to: The Editor of Petalura, c/o Günter Bechly, Breslauer Str. 30, D-71034 Böblingen, Germany. The files should be preferably formatted as WinWord-documents or as ASCII-text. You can of course also submit the manuscript as HTML-file. Illustrations can either be submitted as graphic-files (preferably JPEG- or GIF-format), but you can also send them as camera-ready hard copies. PC-formatted 3,5"-diskettes with all issues of Petalura and an offline-version of the complete SGSPO-website and "Phylogeny of Odonata"-website as HTML-files are available for a prepayment of 15,- DM from the Editor of Petalura (including surface mail). Please note: there are no free reprints, and hard-copies of Petalura are no longer available!


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