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PETALURA is an irregular journal published by the Specialist Group for Systematic and Phylogenetic Odonatology (SGSPO), containing preliminary research reports, summarizing reviews, announcements, short communications and translated articles of all aspects of phylogenetic and systematic odonatology, on and above the family-group level. Papers in all major European congress languages will be accepted, but papers in English are preferred. Submitted papers will be generally refereed. New taxonomic names on the species-, genus- or family-group level should not be published in PETALURA.

Executive editor: Günter Bechly (Böblingen, Germany)

Editorial address:

                 The Editor of PETALURA
Günter Bechly
Am Stadtgarten 4
D-71032 Böblingen

Papers have to be submitted as text-files via email or on PC-formatted 3,5"-diskette (preferably ASCII or Word-format) to the editor of PETALURA by the Author(s). Illustrations can be submitted as camera-ready plates (hardcopy) or as graphic-files (BMP-, TIFF-, GIF- or JPEG-format). Color illustrations are possible. The Author(s) is/are responsible for any typographic and other errors and shortcomings. The SGSPO is unable to supply free reprints to the Author(s). Hardcopies of PETALURA are no longer available.

PETALURA is free available on the Internet:
PC-formatted 3,5"-diskettes with all issues of PETALURA and an offline-version of the complete SGSPO-website and "Phylogeny of Odonata"-website as HTML-files are available for 15,- DM from the Editor of PETALURA (including surface mail)
Price for PETALURA special-volume 2 (1996): 72,- DM (hardcopy, postage via surface mail included)
Only prepayments with eurocheque, cheque, postal-money-order or cash can be accepted.

Copyright: The Editor of PETALURA ©

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